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Slam Learning is on a mission to make education more personal. We build apps that save teachers time and customize learning for each student.

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Our apps are designed to save teachers time by automating tedious lesson planning tasks and customizing learning for each student.

Meet Our Team

Slam's team shares a passion for education and technology.

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Curriculum Specialist

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Product Manager

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Machine Learning Spacialist

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Chief Education Specialist

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Full Stack Developer

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Get to know Slam Learning and how our apps will revolutionize traditional teaching and learning.
How do Slam Apps solve the current learning stress?

Using machine learning technology to process data from student homework assignments, assessments, and papers, Slam's natural language processing guru handles the tedious job of organizing and filing materials so teachers can focus on pinpointing individual needs and building stronger relationships with students.

Why do teachers and students spend more time preparing for class, than actually learning in it?

This is a real problem, one that has negative and long-lasting effects on students. Slam Apps lets teachers collaborate in real-time, using state of the art data analytics tools. The results are clear—we are able to individualize instructional decisions and cut down on teacher workload.

Why is it difficult to find the right teaching technology?

Current teaching technology is simply NOT smart. They generally offer outdated platforms that disregard students' individual needs. Slam Learning provides solutions that can help teachers find digital resources according to their students' needs, plan in just minutes, and always improve student success.

What's Slam Learning's solution to today's education needs?

Slam Apps are created by an expert team in the field of education and technology. By using the power of machine learning they make sure that the learning of individual students is customized, making it possible for students to be successful in school and in their professional lives.

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